Tuesday, April 25, 2017


My appologises for being silent for a while! I have been busy touring all over Europe lately.

My new album Tumšs is out now and is available in Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, Deezer and elsewhere! Recorded together with my band Reinis Young Trio, and sounds slightly different from my previous recordings. 

The latest two albums Gaišs (2016, translates as Light) and Tumšs (2017, translates as Dark) contrast human life and the world we live in. Gaišs (translates as “Light") is a depiction of beautiful, priceless moments in a person’s life, while Tumšs (“Dark”) speaks on the planet becoming an urbanized object, illustrating the collective fear of the society and the never-ending fight between happiness and routine. 

Videos for 2 songs from the new album

You can listen to the full album here:

And here are the further tour dates - see you at the gigs!

15.08 MATERIA - w/ Adriano Trindade - Riga, Latvia
16.08 STROPS - MEŽAPARKS - Riga, Latvia
17.08 GREENPOINT - w/ Adriano Trindade - Aizkraukle, Latvia
18.08  RĪGAS SVĒTKI 2017 -  Full band - Origo, Riga, Latvia
19.08 SAULETOSIOS NAKTYS 2017 -  Full band - Siauliai, Lithuania
25.08. MEŽEZERS - Jaunolaine, Latvia
26.08. ĶIEĢEĻA MĀKSLAS FESTIVĀLS 2017 - E. Veidenbauma muzejs, Latvia
6.09 BOX - Glasgow, UK
7.09 SKETCHY BEATS CAFE - Edinburgh, UK
9.09 RUN OF THE MILL FEST 2017 - Frome, UK
10.08. LEFT BANK - Herreford, UK
23.09 AKTI NAKTĪ 2017 - Liepāja, Latvia
7.10 TBA Frankfurt, Germany
21.10 TBA, Luxembourg
26.10 ROOM HOSTEL - Rotterdam, Netherlands
27.10 TBA - Netherlands
28.10 HOUSE CONCERT - Rotterdam, Netherlands
29.10 BONTE KRAAI - Katwijk, Netherlands
3.12. OPEN STUDIO - Melbourne, Australia